How to Use HouseSigma in Searching for a Condominium Unit

Happy New Year to all HouseSigma users!

We know you are excited to start this year right. And you might just be planning to find yourself a new condo unit to move in to. Well, let HouseSigma make it easy for you. Here’s how:

To search for listings for a condominium, type in the condominium address in the search box. This will allow you to see all units in that address.

To find a specific unit in a condominium, type in the unit number before or after the address. For example, if the condominium address is 21 Hillcrest Avenue and the unit you are interested in is Unit 1707, enter in the search box: 21 Hillcrest Ave 1707 or 1707 21 Hillcrest Ave. See image below.

If you still need further assistance, we are just an email away.

Good luck in searching!