It’s OFFICIAL: Supreme Court DISMISSES TREB’s appeal – Sold Prices must be Released!

A court ruling from supreme court today has brought a FINAL end to the long and gruelling battle between the Competition Tribunal and the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB). Based on the latest decision published on the Supreme Court website, TREB’s appeal was dismissed, meaning the Competition Tribunal’s order to allow Realtors to publish Sold data on their password protected website. This could be the final legal battle from TREB to keep this data firmly controlled. You can read more about the Supreme Court document released today here:

What does this mean for Torontonians? We will get sold information as soon as today.

This means greater transparency and access to market information allowing consumers to make more informed decisions and educate themselves. To see sold prices, sold history, and market trends visit:

More than 10 years of listing history available!

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